Charity partnership needs some free WordPress help!

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    Hi all

    I’m a Development Officer for a partnership of three family counselling and mediation charities in Lanarkshire, Scotland. We’re interested in setting up a new website to promote the work of the partnership, we’re particularly keen on a WordPress install as it seems the easiest to set-up and update ourselves. Without pleading poverty, we really don’t have the money to pay a designer, the services we offer are free of charge and they’re expensive to run; training a volunteer counsellor costs £3500! We’re largely volunteer led and rely heavily on donations to keep the three services running. You know what’s coming next…

    We’re looking to work with a webdesigner to create a WordPress theme that will look and feel like a standard website, not like a blog. It won’t need to do terribly much, simply provide a few pages on the counselling and mediation services we offer, have a news page, a contact page, a bit where we can upload Word documents for people to download, such as referral forms, etc and the ability to capture users’ email addresses for a mailing list would be great.

    We’re more than happy to use an existing free template and having it tweaked a little, we can supply all the necessary logos, photos, blurb, etc. We’re fairly open when it comes to the overall colour scheme, although it would be nice to have a random image generator on the header, as with the Cutline theme (I’ve been having a nosey at the various themes out there!).

    This would be an ideal opportunity for a newbie designer to build their portfolio or an existing designer to feel warm and fuzzy about doing some work for charity. You’ll be allowed a permanent link to your design portfolio/site at the footer of each page. More importantly, each of the three charities involved is a member of a national umbrella body, we’ll be mailing out the website launch info and a link to members across the country, giving your work some serious exposure indeed.

    So if you’ve got the time to tweak an existing WordPress theme for a charity partnership please get in touch!

    PS: I’ll give the full names and charity numbers of our three organisations at the request of anyone who replies.

    PPS: We’re not sure whether to go for OR, I understand the differences between the two and we’d probably be happy to go for either, whatever you’re comfortable using!





    Post at .org too :)



    I also created a charity site on (after getting permission from support) and used the Blix theme. It turned out pretty well for a free site. The charity did purchase a domain name, so it looks like a real website. I kept the blog page as the main page and they use it for updates/news, while other information appears on static pages.



    I think you may want to post to this list lists



    I’ll add it to the lists, cheers for that!

    Nrepair…like your site mate, do you have a link to the one you created using the Blix theme? Do you think you’d be interested in helping out our charity?



    Im not sure how much time I’ll have available next month, but if you don’t find anyone else I’d love to help.

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