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    I don’t know if anyone else is having this problem, but anytime I actually get to any part of my blog this grey popup comes up at the top of the page and asks you to give 1% to the charity of your choice. It has a blue click here and a red X close box BUT it doesn’t close and it freezes the screen.

    Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

    The blog I need help with is


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    I don’t see it. Maybe you are having some sort of browser problem.


    Ok i tried what that link said and it didn’t work. This is exactly what the popup says…..

    Click here to earn donations at for [charity-name]
    1.0% donation on qualified purchases

    I can get to the public pages but the moment I get to my personal page for example my settings, I can enter the page but I can’t do anything until that little mini window closes.


    And it won’t close, not even when I click on the red X box.


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    I’ve had weird sites load instead of pages I expect and have had to turn off my router and internet connection in order to get rid of them. Maybe that would help??? I don’t know.

    We will hope another volunteer has a better answer for you!


    Member does not use text enhance or text link ads or pop-up ads or links in comments. If you are seeing those then that’s a browser-ad-on issue, or in some cases, it’s embedded into free games downloaded from the internet. See here: Bloggers: Beware of Adware.

    If what you are seeing whenever you save or update a post or page is an automatically added code/script block at the end of posts and pages that you can’t delete then see here: Malware Targets Macs and Windows PCs


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    Thank you timethief. Interesting articles for a long-time Mac user.



    Hi Tess,
    It’s truly annoying that malware is being bundled into some shareware now. Appleā€™s image of invulnerability to security exploits is ill-informed as there is no difference between Mac and Windows computers when it comes to security these days. We all need to be very cautious about what’s in what we download. You’re welcome.


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    The odd thing is that I personally have not downloaded anything except some images from my family, all Mac users. And still I get the odd site taking a survey so I can win some faabulousss prize. Husband and daughter both use our network so perhaps they have done something? Or maybe downloading images from siblings?

    It has also happened a couple of times at work, and as the admin I thought I’d blocked any activation of downloaded software from everyone except myself. Could be I am the one contaminating the network??? Turning the router off, waiting a few minutes, then turning it on again clears the problem.

    Or is this more invasive than I think?



    There are some add-ons that are persistent and very difficult to remove. You can disable them but the next time you log-in they appear again.


    How can you actually remove them then?

    Because that window is still there and I needs to use this website a lot with my students.


    I just wanted to thank you both for the help. I think that it was indeed malware. I ended up disabling and removing all of my plugins and add ons. I also have a mac so I downloaded Sophos Antivirus and it seemed to have fixed the problem. I am no longer frustrated and the popup has gone away.

    Thanks again and I hope this forum helps with other similar problems in the future.



    I’m so glad your were able to get rid of that malware. Happy blogging! :)

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