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    I was writing a post and a blue chat box popped up at the bottom of my screen on the right, asking how they (WordPress) may help me!! Is this a new WordPress feature and if it is why doesn’t WordPress inform people of these things, and then we wouldn’t need to come here and ask what the hell it is. it popped up in the Dashboard area too. Please tell me i can turn the damn thing off.



    Please post an active link to the blog you see this happening on.



    If this is the blog in question [removed] then I don’t see what you see.


    Thanks very much (not) for adding the link that we specifically did not want added here, which is why i did not link my name. The box pops up in the dashboard and in editing posts and says ‘Howdy! How may we help! It’s a blue box and the Howdy is usually a WordPress thing.


    I would like to have this post removed please as we have gone to great lengths to avoid people finding us on WordPress, because of spam followers and likers etc, and we even use obscure categories to avoid all that nonsense. This took a lot of effort and it was working until timethief decided to reveal all.



    I’m sorry but I don’t have such a pop-up in my dashboard. I’ll flag this thread for Staff attention and they can answer your question and remove the link which is easily found in Google searches for you.


    Thank you timethief i’d like this post removed as soon as possible please. I contacted the owner of the blog and she’s set the blog to private for now. I know you were only being helpful but this took a great deal of effort to avoid the “instant click, don’t bother reading” followers on WordPress and it was working too. The chat box is obviously a new feature, remember me when they all come here in droves asking what it is!!



    Hi again,
    As many of those who post to these forums are actually bloggers, who are lost and posting to the wrong support forums, we Volunteers automatically ask for blog URLs or we search and find them as I did.

    Only Staff and Moderators can edit threads and we Volunteers have means of priorizing threads. :( We simply flag them and Staff set their own priorities.


    URL’s are added automatically when you post here in the forum. I chose an option from the scroll down to not have the blog shown, what’s the point of having an option of not revealing it if it is then revealed. I just want this post or thread whatever it is, removed as soon as possible although judging by the views now i’m guessing it’s too late and we are now doomed.


    12 hours and this thread is still here after asking for it to be removed. What an absolute joke.


    14 hours now. I am the owner of this blog and i am furious that the link was revealed on here as Sam (from Red Soul Nights) specifically chose not to have the URL shown. All timethief had to do was ask Sam what the URL was and then he could have explained why he didn’t want it shown. We managed nearly 50 posts without anyone on WP finding the blog (not so now as people have been clicking the link since yesterday) because we deliberately used obscure categories to avoid the popular reader topics where people sit waiting…If WP actually gave an option to turn off ‘followers’ there wouldn’t be the need to hide posts from the Reader where the odd peope sit waiting for updates to like like like follow follow follow within a second of a post appearing, they don’t even read the posts or visit the blog, Who wants followers like that? I certainly don’t Bring back old fashioned blogging where people weren’t obsessed with amassing fake followers and likers (like the Facebook people who think they’re popular because they have 5,000 ‘fake’ friends!!), We blog for the love of what we do and not for the self deluded thought of “ooh look how popular i am”. We chose to be relatively anonymous on WP itself, but now that’s destroyed.


    I see that the link to our blog that timethief revealed has been removed, yet this thread remains, we wanted the thread removed, not just the link, but that’s better than nothing i suppose. It still doesn’t alter the fact that the URL should not have been shown after Sam chose the option not to show it. The blog is private now until we decide whether or not to delete it.

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