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  1. Hi there!

    I've just posted about Talkinator – a free chat widget that will work with blogs, and requires no sign-up or download. Check it out:

    Hillel :)

  2. Interesting. Should be popular. I might install it on one of my blogs, for teaching purposes. Not everyone has Gchat.

  3. Please tell me if you'll find a way to break the 250px minimum width limitation.

  4. I think can use its own chat like Facebook. In its simplest form, the chat box could let the blog owners converse with its visitors (registered or not) and in its complex form, it can let visitors talk to each other (given there are moderation tools available for the blog owners).

    I have seen various third party chat widgets but a native chat widget of wp's own would be a much better choice.

  5. I second ismailimail's opinion. My visitors have repeatedly asked for a feature like this.

  6. I also agree with ismailimail's, opinion.

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