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Chat widget

  1. I just came to know about Yahoo Pingbox which can be used for talking to users only on ur website.

    I think the Pingbox doesn't work with

    If it does, please provide the steps of how to do it.

    If it doesn't, then is there any other program which can serve the same purpose?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Google Talk is the only thing that will work here currently. See this post by timethief: for more information and links.

  3. Hi there,
    Sadly, there is not longer any chat widget that I know of that we can use on free hosted blogs.

  4. Google Talk is the only Chat box that works on

  5. As I posted above there is no longer a chat box widget that I'm aware of that we can use. Meebo was bought out and withdrew their chat widget on July 11 th.

  6. @timethief, thanks for the update. WordPress has now gone silent. :-)

  7. @thesacredpath
    Hi there and you're welcome.

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