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Chateau almost a great theme for photographers

  1. If only the theme would show an image on the front page for the concise format when the post type is image, this would be a great photography theme.

    This seems like rather an oversight.

    Is there any likelihood that will be changed?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Chateau will show an image if you paste the image code in the Excerpt module of the post editor.

  3. @pixor
    As Panos has pointed out the Chateau theme has an activated excerpt box. You can over ride the excerpt provided by the theme by using it.

    On my blog I chose the "concise" format. I also close to insert "the more tag" into the latest post. The “concise” format displays only the title and the first 20 words from each post so that your readers may view your posts at a glance.”

    I choose “concise” and I copied the code from the HTML for the thumbnail image and the text teaser sentences of the length that I wanted into the excerpt box below the editor box. In other words, I overrode the excerpt that's coded into the theme by using the excerpt box. . It was easy to do.

    If you are doing this when you create a post then after your create the post and before you publish it go to the bottom of the post, upload a thumbnail and copy and paste the code from the HTML editor into the excerpt box, then delete the thumbnail image from the post. Then copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.

    Or if you prefer open another tab and click new post to create a draft post you will be deleting, upload the thumbnail into it and copy the code from the HTML editor. Go to the first tab you still have open and paste the thumbnail code onto it. Go back to the draft and delete it. Copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to reply, but this sounds like a horrible hack to get around the problem. Not only does it make for a lengthy and unintuitive workflow, but if I were to change the theme at a later date, I am guessing it would lead to unforeseen consequences that might then require re-editing every post...

    As the theme supports image post types, it seems logical that they would display an image!

    It's a shame, as this is otherwise one of the best themes I have seen on

  5. @pixor
    I didn't have any difficulty switching to this Cgateua theme as the one I previously used was Inuit Types and it also has activated 'excerpts". Consequently, the theme switch was smooth and instantaneous.

    Describing how to use the excerpt box on all themes that do have "activated" excerpt boxes and insert with thumbnail images and teaser text into them isn't really a hack. It's the same process for Chateau as it is for the others. It took more time to type what to do than to actually do it. :)

  6. If I use the excerpts I get "Continue reading" alongside my photo, which doesn't look good. Is there a way to get rid of this?

    I still think the sensible thing would be to display a thumbnail if the post type is image!

    My blog is at

  7. No you cannot remove it. The whole idea of using and excerpt is so the "continue reading" link appears and your visitors can click it and view the whole post on its own page. If you want to display a thumbnail image then I have already told you how to do that.

  8. Thankyou. I did follow your advice, and my previous comment is in response to trying that. It doesn't work well though, and I still feel that the theme needs a small amount of finessing in order to be great rather than good.

    I will submit a ticket to the WordPress guys, and hope they agree.

  9. Withe regard to the thumbnail image and the "continue reading" link at the side. Did you use the "gallery" post format?
    Or did you use the excerpt box?

  10. The post format is Image, and I put the thumbnail in the excerpt field.

  11. I'm an artist so there are often a lot of images in my posts, and I've just started using Chateau and have been following TimeThief's advice from her blog. I'm currently in the process of pasting the HTML code for each image, into each relevant post's excerpt box. It does work well, but it is very time consuming and I do agree that there should be some way for the image to show without one having to do all this work oneself. It's a bit crazy really that this was overlooked as there are so many bloggers on who are artists or photographers or otherwise involved with imagery. Even 'ordinary' bloggers who are doing things like the 365 project in which they post a pic a day... crazy!

    For myself, I don't mind the 'continue reading' link because a lot of people when seeing just an image thumbnail don't realise that there's a larger version for them to see, unless they're given a clue of some sort!

    An alternative, by the way, is to make sure that the image opens in a new window then the image will become a link to that separate page - and people will be able to see its largest view. Myself, I prefer not to do this, so I make sure it isn't there. But it might be an option for you.

    Oh and one of the excerpts that I went to didn't have the 'read more' link... I think it was a post in which I'd not posted any text at all? Not sure about that though. It's probably worth experimenting.

  12. @pixor
    I have the solution to removing the continue reading from the side of the image and make it appear below the image. Edit your post and change the post format from "image" to "standard". When I did that in my test blog the continue reading link appeared at the bottom under the image rather than on the side.

  13. I read Timethief's answer to Pixor's question and something tells me that I am missing out on something very useful in my CHATEAU theme.

    I had a problem once with a featured image and stayed away because I could not delete the picture......... bla bla bla bla bla.......

    But where should I read about what Timethief and Pixor are discussing? I want to learn about it.


  14. Well, I went to see the blog of Absurd Old Bird and now I understand (maybe) what you were all discussing. I see that Absurd Old Bird has pictures/images on those smaller abbreviated archived posts. I like it!

    I'll have to read this whole page again, now that I know that it is about putting pictures in the archived posts. I hope I can do it.


  15. I've now got a page in my blog that explains in more detail how to put an image in an excerpt. And my thanks must go to TimeThief for helping me get to grips with doing it in the first place. :)

    How to put images in excerpts

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