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chateau: change text size in widget headers

  1. mrstringer2012

    Having got every other font size to my staisfaction, I now find that the headers in my widget are ludicrously small.
    Something to do with h3 headers, I understand - not that it means much when I can't access them.
    So: should I be causing houstonweaver to gnash her teeth by posting this in css rather than here ...?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No, I will leave you to others to solve.

  3. This CSS should work for you:

    .wf-active .sidebar-widget h1 {font-size: 1em;}

    Ems are very sensitive, so if you want something larger, you should try 1.1em or 1.2em before you go to 2em.

  4. mrstringer2012

    I've found since posting that question, Zandyring, that all the font sizes in this theme are linked! - using customization to change one is actually changing them all.
    Causes me to wonder, then, if attempting to lock one down by changing it is going to cause havoc.
    I actually wrote to Ignacio, but he didn't respond - even though I paid him extravagant compliments. :-)

  5. a) Zandyring's suggestion will change exactly what you want and nothing other than that.
    b) Who's Ignacio?

  6. mrstringer2012

    Oh, Panos! - and you the one who got me on to Chateau in the first place!
    He made it, me old china: Ignacio Ricci.
    OK, now that I have your attention once more - and only on the understanding that I have no intention of changing themes again - will you tell me, in addition to Zandyring's most welcome offering, how I do the following, please?:
    -stop the footer widget from reducing the size of images put into it
    -stop the same footer widget from being black
    -change font size of body text also without changing others?

  7. mrstringer2012

    Don't worry: I am even now dealing with a very nice lady in the whatever it's called group of helpers, and will not do as I usually do - wave while drowning at every single person in my sightline.
    You are excused.
    Be happy.

  8. a) Ignacio Ricci is the designer of Chateau. But once a theme is adopted by WP and adapted to WP, the original designer has nothing to do with the version we're using.

    b) I'm not sure my definition of "body" is your definition of "body". Body means all the content. Are you talking about that or are you talking about the main column only?

    c) To change the background color of the footer area in Chateau, you add this:

    #colophon {

    (456789 is just an example: you change it to the hex code for the color you prefer.)

  9. mrstringer2012

    EXCELLENT! - I thank you. One small step for womankind.
    You're right: by 'body' I mean the stuff I actually write, you know?

  10. For "the stuff you actualy write", try adding this (change the percentage to adjust):

    .post-entry {
  11. And a second step!
    σας ευχαριστώ χίλιες φορές
    Here's hoping that it words in minus; because what with playing around adjusting the three sizes (widget headers, body (stuff I write) headers and body (stuff I write) text, I may well need it.

  12. worKs, of course ...

  13. mrstringer2012

    I am going totally INSANE. I applied - successfully! - both the css to make the widget header fonts bigger and the css to make the footer white. Saved 'em. Everything hunky dory.
    Now they're back to what they were.

  14. mrstringer2012

    And now I find that if I 'restore' one and save it (again!), it works (again!); but if I then find the other one and 'restore' that and save it, etc., etc., the first one disappears.
    This is truly impossible for anyone who's not an expert.

  15. I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean. Suppose you just want to increase the fontsize of the sidebar widget titles to 1em, and turn the footer widget area from black to white. You paste the two commands in the CSS editor, the one below the other, like this:

    .wf-active .sidebar-widget h1 {
        font-size: 1em;
    #colophon {
        background-color: #fff;

    Is that what you tried?

  16. mrstringer2012

    What I did was, as I tried to describe, to create two separate css entries - one after the other. Because I received two separate pieces of css text from two people.
    And that's where my problem started: making and saving one works; making and saving the other works... but then I discover that when the second one works the first one stops working. It's insanity.
    I can certainly combine the instructions into one, as you say, Panos: but I need to understand what's happening with the two different files.
    Oh, and thank-you - as ever.

  17. What "separate css entries" and "different files" are you talking about? You don't create any files, you just make sure the "Add-On" mode is selected and you add each bit of code in the CSS editor the way I showed above.

  18. mrstringer2012

    You are telling me that the window is to be filled with one set of text entries after another? - that one simply increments each new thing, and the window then becomes a huge long file?

  19. mrstringer2012

    Yep, that's what you're telling me.
    I thought one added whatever bit of css text one wanted and saved the file and it inserted itself into the hidden css; and then one made a new entry, and saved that, and it inserted itself, etc.
    So - just one long, endlessly incremented file, eh?
    Well I never.

  20. mrstringer2012

    While you're there, Panos (and no, it's no good getting angry at my stupidity: I'll bet there are some things that I could do standing on my head and you couldn't) ... how do I make the text in the footer widgets bigger, please?

  21. No, forget that: I meant to ask how I stop the theme from making the images in the footer widgets smaller...

  22. Can I just say a big thank you to everyone in this thread? I was about to ask the exact same question as mrstringer2012, as any talk of CSS customisation usually only elicits a glazed look and a lengthy "buuuuuuuuuuuuuh" noise from me, but that is some really good advice - direct, helpful and easy-to-follow. Thanks!

  23. @nixonradio:
    You're welcome!

    a) Yes, that's what I'm telling you. So yes, the stuff in the CSS editor may eventually become long.

    But keep in mind that when you apply the same change to different elements, you combine the respective commands into one. For example, if you want a white bg to both the footer widget area and the credit area, you won't write this:

    #colophon {
        background-color: #fff;
    #copyright {
        background-color: #fff;

    you'll write this:

    #colophon, #copyright {
    	background-color: #fff;

    b) Chateau has four footer widget areas, designed to show up side-by-side below the main column; so the width of each widget area is 1/4 of the main column width (I'm simplifying - actually it's less, because of the margins). Your question can't be answered before you decide how exactly you want to change that: Three widget areas side-by-side in place of four? Four widget areas in two rows of two? Four widget areas side-by-side but spanning the width of main column plus sidebar? Widget areas of unequal width? Other? And don't forget that a) you don't have to use all four areas, b) each area accepts as many widgets as you like.

  24. mrstringer2012

    Sighh ... another scale fallen from the old eyes. How does one KNOW these things, Panos? - when the first footer widget offered describes itself as "a single full-width footer column" and is followed by four more footer widgets - "the first footer column below the full-width area" (times four) - can't one be forgiven for assuming that this means each of the four will accept only one thingy?
    You're saying that it's my using four widgets that's reduced the sizes of the images - OK, I can relate to that. So now I'll remove the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and see if the original is legible.
    If it ain't, I'm back on the clock. <grin>

  25. mrstringer2012

    It is. Gosh, Panos right again! <grin>
    Thanks for the umpteenth time.
    And I hope you're feeling smug about having helped two people at once. Just think: if it weren't for my halfwittedness, nixonradio wouldn't now be in the happy position of knowing that there's actually a way of utilising that rather infuriating css window!
    If I can ever work out how to reduce the size of the font in that section of the body that comprises my postings WITHOUT reducing every other style used, I'll be laughing.

  26. You're saying that it's my using four widgets that's reduced the sizes of the images [...]. So now I'll remove the 2nd, 3rd and 4th and see if the original is legible.

    That's not at all what I said (and I didn't mention the "single full-width footer column" either). I said that the default width of each footer area you used is roughly 1/4 of the main column width - period: removing the widgets from areas 2,3,4 won't change the width of area 1 by itself. And I said you can change the widths via CSS editing but we can't tell you how do to it if you don't tell us exactly what you want (that is, if you don't tell us how many side-by-side images you want in the footer area, and if you don't tell us where the first one should start and where the last one should end).

    Another thing to note: A forum thread isn't a sort of personal communication on any issue you might think of. A forum thread is supposed to be of use to others too, so it should be confined to what its title says: for a different problem you start a new thread.

  27. mrstringer2012

    Wow. I'll get back in my box then. Amazing you've managed to put up with me for so long.

  28. Since it does sound like the first posted issue was resolved, I'm going to close this thread. Please do open a new thread for any new issues you have!

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