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    I have successfully been using the Chateau theme, and been changing the header images for each of my pages. This has been working the past week.
    Now howver, the featured images selected and saved, do NOT feature on the pages any longer. Now only the default image is visual! Please help or inform on possible errors occurring.

    The blog I need help with is



    I was having the same problem. I just happened to change all of my pics on all my headers and then all of a sudden they were gone and defaulted to the one pic again. Does your featured image still appear on the left hand lower corner of your page but just not on your actual website? I asked this same question last night and they said they are working on a few things that may actually be causing this to have problems. Just wanted to let you know the response I got, I was hoping it would be fixed this morning. AHHH!



    that is EXACTLY what is happening on my site as well! I can still see the featured image I uploaded in the low right corner! Thank you SO much for writing. Was getting very anxious. Who did you contact – and who told you about the possible problem. Would like to send them an email so they know that we are many experiencing issues due to their work.



    This is the message I got last night from “timetheif”

    I have noticed that we now have a forum thread from members about featured images disappearing from Inuit Types and from Structure. I’m thinking Staff may be working on theme templates and they may in fact be causing this. I’m flagging the 3 threads for Staff attention.

    I have yet to hear anything and I’m still having a problem with mine. I’m so frustrated because I keep thinking it’s something I’m doing wrong! I’m ready to give up and go somewhere else because I’ve been working on this page for wks. AHHHHH!


    It seems to be a glitch, but you wouldn’t be having this problem if you uploaded images pre-sized to the right dimensions for the theme you’re using, as we volunteers always recommend (for Chateau: 960×260 pixels).


    We have fixed a bug with images that prevents distortion and upscaling. If you upload images that are at least as big as what the theme specifies, you should be good.

    You don’t need to crop the images in an editor, but they need to be equal or bigger than what the themes sets for it to crop them for you. This is the way it’s supposed to be, and the fix should only affect images that are too small to fit the dimensions. Apologies for the inconvenience.



    Do we have to re-upload existing images? My current image is HUGE but not displaying, and it was working fine a couple of days ago.

    Goodbye, Steve Jobs



    I am still having issues with this. I designed a simple header image at 960×100 pixels. It is very minimal so I’d prefer to not have it at the full height of 260 pixels.

    When I uploaded the image, the crop page forces me to crop it at something like 370 pixels by 100 pixels, and then it stretches it to be 960×260 once uploaded.

    For now, I have a 960×260 version uploaded, but I’d like to use the 960×100 version. Thanks for your help in advance, and this is a great theme by the way!


    @rain: No, you’ll have to wait till they’re finished with the mess they created. At the moment properly sized featured images in Inuit Types won’t work if you’re using the 1-column featured post option but they will if you use the 2-column option.

    @nctswebsite: You can’t change the dimensions of the header image of a theme unless you buy the Custom Design upgrade.




    @nctwebsite: FWIW, here are the instructions I used to modify my header using the custom CSS option (which you need to buy)…


    @rain: Turns out your image wasn’t huge enough. Has to be 600px wide (or more).



    I will go enlarge Steve, thanks.



    I enlarged him to 600 px wide, and he still doesn’t display.

    Goodbye, Steve Jobs


    You enlarged him alright, but the image has been inserted via URL. Featured images must be uploaded to the blog.


    I have the same problem too!
    When I chose Chateau I uploaded a featured header far all my posts (I have a food blog).
    I can believe that I have to upload again a new image for ALL my posts! again!!!!!

    I am sure my images are not too small, they are at least 600×800 pixels.

    Please debug this!!!




    *I can’t beleave!!! Sorry the typo!


    @messagginbottiglia: See here:

    Images for Chateau need to be 960×260 pixels.

    WP will not “debug” this, because they consider the previous situation a bug that this change fixed – see staff reply above.


    thank you for your comment.
    but… what if tomorrow I will change theme??? everytime the same song? every time reload new images for all my posts???
    This is the very first time I am very disappointed with WP!!! Also becouse all my featured images (or the most part) are bigger than the header size.
    Very very very disappointed!!!


    You’re welcome.

    I certainly don’t agree with WP’s decision or the way they handled this.

    But featured images larger than the recommended dimensions do work.

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