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Chateau lacks sidebar in standard site view mode on Ipad

  1. Is this theme designed this way? I've just changed over to use Chateau and I like it very much. however on my desktop computer you can see the side bar, widgets etc, but on the iPad - in view standard site mode - not the on swipe version - there is no sidebar. I've looked at another blog using this theme on the iPad which also has a side bar and theirs is not visible either. Best wishes Joanna
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  2. This is intentional.

    The theme has an adaptive design made to focus on content when viewed with smaller screens. In order to present the content as large as possible, the sidebar is moved to the bottom, below the content.

  3. Oh dear, I thought it might be. But the point of the iPad is that you can swipe/pinch the screen to make it bigger or smaller, I would rather be able to see the sidebar where it should be. I hadn't noticed that it was at the bottom of the screen at all. I don't want to have to go back to another theme just to have a visible sidebar, any chance we could have the option to choose ourselves?

  4. We'll definitely take that into consideration.

  5. Thanks for replying macmanx, I spent a lot of time figuring out what to put in the sidebar and it is disconcerting to find it has vanished in 'standard site view'. I really hope you can fix it for me and other Chateau users to have the choice as we do for our desktop computers. Best wishes, Joanna

  6. I am adding a page at the top of my blog explaining to my Ipad readers where the sidebar has gone.

    I am suggesting that if they find it awkward and difficult to use that they comment over here. There is also a glitch when I view the 'onswipe' version which I want to show to them, but I am not sure where to upload the screen grab to. I think I will put it on the new page temporarily so you can see it. It would be helpful to have an easy way to show staff screen shots of problems, but I don't know if there is one. Here is a link to the page.

  7. Whoops, that menu bar thing is no good. We'll look into that.

    If you ever want to privately share a screenshot, you can upload it via Media -> Add New and let us know the title.

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