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    Hi there,
    I am just getting my blog off the ground and see that there is no comment section under my post. However, there does seem to be one below the “about” page, so I don’t think that it is that my theme does not support comments (it is Chateau). I made sure all the proper boxes were clicked under “Discussion” and also went to “Pages” and “Posts” to make sure comments and pingbacks are allowed (although each time I save and go back to look at the dropdowns, they still say “no change” not the “allow” I clicked to). Can anyone help?


    The blog I need help with is



    If you view the single post alone, you’ll see that the Reply field is active. you’re not seeing the comment link or the title of the post on your main page because you’ve published the post as an aside. Edit the post and select the Standard post format.


    That did the trick, awesome!! Thank you!!!

    One other question – the “comment” link appears on the upper right side of the post. Is there a way to make it appear at the bottom (similar the the about page)?



    The only way to move it would be to purchase a custom design upgrade and use CSS editing.



    You’re welcome.

    What you see when you view a static page is identical to what you see when you view a single post. Compare:
    In both cases the “Leave a reply” near the bottom is just a heading, not a link. The comment link shows up when you view your blog front (or an archive page). You can’t change its position without the Custom Design upgrade. What you can do, if this is important to you, is switch to a different theme: many themes display the comment link below each post instead of above.


    Oh, this is so helpful, thank you!

    Ok ,I think I understand better now. It looks to be that when I just type in the homepage url (, it shows the post without the “reply” header. If I then click on the title of the post, the page reloads exactly the same, except the “reply” header shows up (and the url changes to the one you posted above, for that exact post). Is there a way to make it show up without having to click on the title of the post?

    Thank you!!

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