Chateau: Number of posts showing on main v. archive pages

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    This is a ridiculously trivial thing, but I’m wondering if anyone has a solution for it. I use the Chateau theme with the theme options for a “concise” archive page. (In other words, it tiles excerpts of my previous posts instead of having them fill the page like the latest post does.) Under my reading settings, I have it set so that blog pages show at most 5 posts per page.

    On the front page, it looks great: the latest post is big and readable, and there are four more tiled posts underneath it (5 posts total). But when you go back to archive pages, the 5 post limit means that it looks incomplete (as if it is meant to have 6 posts and there just isn’t a sixth one). Of course, if I have 6 posts per blog page then the front page has the same problem.

    The problem is that these are both considered blog pages, but one looks better with an odd number of posts while the other looks better with an even number. Is there a way around this? (If not, you are welcome to let out a little chuckle at my obsessiveness over such a minor detail.) Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is

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