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    Hi everyone, Im new to wordpress and using the Chateau theme. I am trying to change my post format to include aside and image. So far I can only get standard and gallery to appear. Even when I select image, standard appears as the post format. I have changed my archive style because I thought that was the problem. Please let me know if there is something Im missing.

    The blog I need help with is



    I don’t understand what you mean: your latest post is image format (post metadata below instead of above content) and your Feb. 04 post is aside format (no title).


    Thanks for your response, maybe I was just having a difficulty understanding how the formats work. To me they all look the same except the gallery option lol. im still learning.



    An alternative post format means some differentiation in the way a post looks. The differentiation ranges from slight to very noticeable, depending on the format and the theme. Example here:

    Your posts look (almost) the same because they all have the same type of content. Alternative post formats are only useful when associated with the right type of content. The aside format, for instance, is designed for very short announcements; the image format is designed to highlight a post that consists of a single image (with or without some accompanying text); the gallery format is designed to indicate that the post is a collection of images. If all your posts are going to be like the ones I checked, you don’t need post formats.

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