Chateau Theme – Add "You May Also Like" at bottom of post?

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    I would like to add something similar to what is seen here at the bottom of this article ( ). Which says “You May Also Like” which displays the title and featured image of the similar articles. How would I be able to accomplish that? Keep in mind my website is housed on and doesn’t allow plug-ins. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Many of us would LOVE to use the linkwithin advertising free widget to link to the related earlier posts in our own blogs. However, Staff have not accommodated our requests for it.



    The answer to your question is: I’m sorry but we cannot use the linkwithin widget or any other Javascript widgets on free hosted blogs for security reasons.


    Thanks for the lead with LinkWithin. Feeling creatively stifled with the lack of ability to add these features. Content is being buried in archive without the ability to feature prominently. I know I’m preaching to the choir.

    Do you know if upgrading the theme would do the trick? Or is that just font and color changes? Do you know if any themes have that feature installed?
    Thanks again.



    Upgrading doesn’t increase functionality.

    Use Zemanta. You can enable that on your dashboard under Settings, I believe, or you can install it as a browser add-on. It slows things down a bit, but will offer you the same kind of options. You can configure the browser add-on to ONLY display links from your own blog, or a chosen circle of blogs.



    I use Zemanta and I like it but I liked using linkwithin on my install.


    Thanks for the recommendation for Zemanta. We’re getting closer.
    When I add the links to the articles though, the thumbnails don’t show up? On Zemanta’s site there seems to be a check box to enable/disable thumbnails, but don’t see one on the WordPress integration. Any ideas how to get the thumbnail included?


    Ok, no luck on Zemanta, so now slowly adding each related post manually. Do you know if there is a way to make the text wrap underneath? For example one of my titles is “Taking the Back-breaking out of Organic Baking”; however it runs off to the side where the next related post thumbnail is. Can I wrap it so that Take the Back-breaking is on one line and Organic Baking is directly underneath?


    *apoligize for the bold crazy* seems I hit that button on accident.

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