Chateau Theme – Can't Find Where to Edit "Pages"

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    I just switched to the Chateau theme and when I go to any one of my “Pages” I can’t find where to click to Edit the page like you can click to edit the posts.

    The blog I need help with is


    Apparently there is no “edit” link in the content area on pages. Just click on the “edit” link in the top grey admin bar to edit the page.


    Yup – thanks. I wonder if that was an oversight. I just had to edit the pages from the dashboard – no big deal either way I guess.


    You are welcome. When you are on the public page, just click the edit link in the grey admin bar and you can edit that particular page.


    I have a problem with the Chateau theme. The Chateau theme suppose to have many different features according to this website, but I can’t find Multiple Layouts (I would like to move my side bar to right) and Multiple Archive Page Styles. Under Appearance, I have only Menu, Header, and Widgets, but NO Theme Options where I could control the page layout. Also, I can’t remove About* sample text from the bottom bar and have no option to edit the bottom bar. I would appreciate your help.



    Are you an Admin on the blog in question or not?

    I am Admin on my blog and one has to be an Admin to do theme changes and set up. I am using this theme. I go here > Appearance > Theme Options and on that page I will find various options including the ones you think you are missing.

    Also what do you mean by “bottom bar”? The theme has 4 Footer Widget Areas.



    Is what you are referring to the brief author bio at the end of each post? Example:

    If so then this “About text” is derived from whatever you type in on this page > Users > My Profile
    … About you


    Timethief, thank you so much. These theme has all functions on, but I try to use it on GoDaddy server, and it’s missing The Theme Options, Background, and Widgets don’t have the Upper Footer and First – Fourth Footer Widget Areas. However, I have an editor and can control pages with code.

    You have a great blog. Is your site on wordpress? How did you install this theme? I’ve installed it via a zip file since this theme doesn’t appear when you search for it externally. Thank you for your help.



    @timethief: I just changed my blog to Chateau and checked out your blog. I would love to know how you were able to get thumbnail images in the “read previous articles” section at the bottom of the front page? Thank you in advance. -Van


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    Use the excerpt function to make a customized summary of each post, including a thumbnail image.

    You can compose your excerpt in the visual editor, then switch to the html editor, copy the code, then paste it into the excerpt module.



    My blog is a free hosted WordPress.COM blog being domain mapped by It’s wearing the version of the Chateau theme and I do not have a custom design upgrade.

    Themes by the same name like Chateau are coded differently so they run on either WordPress.COM software or WordPress.ORG software. There are some variations in the features ie. they are not identical. We cannot help you with your self hosted WordPress.ORG install here. You must post to http://wordpress.ORG/support/ for help with the version of the theme you have on your self hosted WordPress.ORG install.



    Tess has described what I did. I composed a post and inserted a thumbnail image at the beginning of the post. Then I copied the code for the thumbnail image and the text I wanted to use as a teaser. Then I pasted both into the excerpt box below the editor box and published the post. As the excerpt box is “live” on the Chateau theme doing this overrode the text only automatic display provided by the theme.
    See here >



    @davethenovelist and @thesacredpath

    Thanks for the report, pages in Château now have edit links below the content.



    It would be cool if the HTML and the CSS validated on Chateau.



    @ 1tess and timethief: THANK YOU so much! I had no idea the excerpt was an option. This is an awesome function.

    Another question: Is there a way to pick which posts show up in the “read previous articles”, rather than be restricted to only the last consecutive posts? For example, I would like to highlight a few of my favorites from the past in that section.

    But again, the excerpt is very, very useful.



    The answer is “no” because what those previous articles are the posts displayed in reverse chronological order. In other words, the front page is the dynamic running page for posts.

    You will need to find another way to “highlight” past posts.



    Thanks, again! And for a quick response.



    You’re welcome. :)


    Thank you, timethief. Ignacio Ricci is planning to make an upgrade on Chateau called “Chateau Fluid,” so I hope to have all editing options soon.



    Hi timethief..

    Allow me to ask how did you do the Home button? I am using Chateau but there isn’t any choice for me to display Home button like how you did.

    Thanks :)

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