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    I changed the background to a custom image on my website yesterday (that was the only change I made) and now I am having an issue with the menu items. Every time I try to click on a menu item which is over the header image, it disappears before I can even hover my mouse over it. This means that I can’t click on any link that appears over the header image. It’s as if I hovered over the header instead of the menu item and the menu automatically disappears. I never had this problem before and I don’t understand why it’s acting up now.

    Any ideas? My website is The troublesome links are under Books -> The Beast -> Bastien and Other Works ->Blog Hop Posts.

    The blog I need help with is



    Update: I tried it on a widescreen monitor and it works. The issue seems to be limited to fullscreen.


    Hi, alydonnelly. Can you let us know what browsers and computer operating systems you were using when you spotted that bug and when you didn’t?



    Problem occurs on Windows XP in Google Chrome and IE. I don’t know if it makes a difference that my screen on this computer is fullscreen.

    The problem didn’t happen on my Windows 7, Google Chrome and IE. It’s a widescreen laptop.

    I think it’s great that the custom background shows through the body of the posts/pages and the sidebar widgets, but maybe it would help if the menus didn’t have a transparent background?

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