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    Hi – I’m using the Chateau theme and I’d like to extend the sidebar line farther down the page so that it meets the footer. I’m unsure of how to edit the CSS to do so.

    The blog I need help with is


    The blog I need help with is


    Since the height for the content area compared to the sidebar area are different and how that works is set by the theme design, there may not be a way to change it, but there might be some way to work around that issue depending on what exactly you’re trying to do.

    What is your end goal? Is it to set a colored background for the sidebar that extends all the way to the footer? Or is it to fill up the sidebar with more data?



    Thanks for your reply, designsimply.

    On the homepage, the actual line that divides the main text from the sidebar was stopping halfway down the page and not extending through to the footer. It just looked weird.

    However, the post that was up on the main page when I posed this question was very short (just a gallery of photos). I’ve since published a new post that is much longer, and have found that the line is now fully extended down to the footer. So, it seems to have been resolved.

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