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Château Theme Footer Bug

  1. Hi Guys

    When using a right sidebar, the top footer area, and the four footer areas don't have the proper column width. There's actually room for another footer area to the right. Check out:

    Great theme otherwise. This bug should be easy to find and fix.

    Regards - Dennis

    The blog I need help with is

  2. According to the page about Chateau, "Besides the sidebar, Chateau has five widget areas in the footer." So maybe you just didn't find the fifth widget area and put widgets in it?

  3. @mmadfan
    There are five footer widget areas but they are labeled this way:
    Upper Footer Widget Area
    First Footer Widget Area
    Second Footer Widget Area
    Third Footer Widget Area
    Fourth Footer Widget Area

  4. Ah, okay! I only tested it very briefly right after it was announced, so I hadn't played at all with the widgets areas. It's funny that there would be all that extra space to the side. It makes the footer look lopsided. I did look at the OP's blog in a couple browsers, and that didn't change the look.

  5. @dnsmrl22
    There are five but the labeling may have thrown you off. The upper widget footer area is not a narrow column. It spans the width of the theme. Click this link and see what I mean

  6. What I wish this Chateau theme had is "older posts" and "new posts" navigation links on the bottom of the pages.

  7. @tt I know it -- I loved most everything about the theme, but I found that a really odd thing to leave out. I think the navigation to older posts is really clumsy -- using monthly archives, or something, would work, but then the visitor would still get to the bottom of a page of, say, 5 posts, and there'd be no "older" or "newer" links. I can't understand why they were left off. I really hunted for them when I tested it out, and I think the look of the theme is great, but that one feature (or lack of it) really turned me off. I think it's visitor-unfriendly.

  8. I agree that lack of navigation links at the bottom of every page is "user unfriendly".

  9. lindacassidylewis

    Timethief, I looked at the blog you linked to and I have a question. In the "previous articles" below your current post, why do some of them show the photos and others not?

  10. Because I use the excerpt box as I described in another thread . The theme has an activated excerpt box. You can over ride the excerpt provided by the theme by using it.

    On my blog I chose the "concise" format. I also close to insert "the more tag" into the latest post. The “concise” format displays only the title and the first 20 words from each post so that your readers may view your posts at a glance.”

    I choose “concise” and I copied the code from the HTML for the thumbnail image and the text teaser sentences of the length that I wanted into the excerpt box below the editor box. In other words, I overrode the excerpt that's coded into the theme by using the excerpt box. . It was easy to do.

    If you are doing this when you create a post then after your create the post and before you publish it go to the bottom of the post, upload a thumbnail and copy and paste the code from the HTML editor into the excerpt box, then delete the thumbnail image from the post. Then copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.

    Or if you prefer open another tab and click new post to create a draft post you will be deleting, upload the thumbnail into it and copy the code from the HTML editor. Go to the first tab you still have open and paste the thumbnail code onto it. Go back to the draft and delete it. Copy and paste the teaser text into the excerpt box and publish the post.

  11. lindacassidylewis

    Great! Thank you so much.

  12. You're welcome. :) Maybe I should publish and how to use Chateau post. :)

  13. lindacassidylewis

    To make sure I have it clear, I paste the code for the thumbnail in the excerpt box?

  14. lindacassidylewis

    And yes, you should do that. :-)

  15. Hi - my blog is . The upper footer widget is connected to the sidebar, so if you select the left sidebar, the upper footer widget shows on the left . If you use the right sidebar, it shows on the right which looks a bit odd .

  16. Hi merovee. The location of the upper footer widget -- while potentially odd on some blogs -- is intentional in both layouts.

  17. Themeshaper- thanks for getting back to us . It's good to know you check the forums .

    It would be good if you could have the upper footer widget on the left and sidebar on the right . I'm too much of a coward to try Custom Design though . It would end up like my attempts at decorating - far worse than before I started !

  18. @themeshaper
    I would like to make two requests.
    (1) May we please may we have navigation links at the bottom of each page to our earlier and recent posts? Without them this theme is not "user-friendly" and I'm strongly leaning towards abandoning this theme that I like because it lacks those navigation links.

    (2) In the footer widgets the gray colored text against the black background is barely readable. May we please have Staff change this to either a lighter or whiter font in the footer widgets?

    Thanks, in advance, for considering the need for these changes.

  19. I second Timethief's requests, especially for the navigation links .

    The only way way to find older posts is through archives or categories and most people are rarely bothered to do that .

  20. Yay! I just discovered navigation links. Thank you! ***happy dancing ***

  21. WOW! That's great! That was one "feature" that I couldn't make sense of -- I'm glad they put in the navigation links! It's a really very appealing theme.

  22. Thank you WordPress . If you don't ask, you don't get !

  23. this might be a dumb question, but where are the navigation links? i'm still not seeing them on mine...

  24. Click any post title and view that post on its own page and you will find them.

  25. Mmm... but the navigation's still not on the home page, is it.

    While we're on the subject of chateau... is there any way to put comment counts on the current post and the excerpts? I really miss that.

  26. No there aren't navigation links on the bottom of the front page and yes I do wish they were there too.

    Re: comments numbers I don't feel the same way you do but please do suggest this to staff as I'm sure others will agree with you.

  27. Thanks TT. I'm revving myself up to contacting staff about a number of issues with Chateau (some are little niggles, some are - I think - bugs).

  28. hello everyone!

    how can i make several columns on the upper footer widget area?
    my blog is when i add another widget after flickr, it just goes on vertically. i want it to occupy the space to the right.

    thank you!

  29. The upper footer widget area is just a single full footer-width column. There is no way to add additional columns to that widget area or force additional widgets to align horizontally. It was really designed just to have a single widget and seems more suited to a text widget with a bit of stuff in it rather than specific purpose widgets (recent posts, etc.).

    Use the lower footer widget area which has 4 columns that all accept multiple widgets vertically if you desire.

  30. thanks for your reply! sorry about posting twice, it was my first time to post and wasn't sure i was in the right place :D thank you!

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