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    WOW! That’s great! That was one “feature” that I couldn’t make sense of — I’m glad they put in the navigation links! It’s a really very appealing theme.



    Thank you WordPress . If you don’t ask, you don’t get !



    this might be a dumb question, but where are the navigation links? i’m still not seeing them on mine…



    Click any post title and view that post on its own page and you will find them.


    Mmm… but the navigation’s still not on the home page, is it.

    While we’re on the subject of chateau… is there any way to put comment counts on the current post and the excerpts? I really miss that.



    No there aren’t navigation links on the bottom of the front page and yes I do wish they were there too.

    Re: comments numbers I don’t feel the same way you do but please do suggest this to staff as I’m sure others will agree with you.


    Thanks TT. I’m revving myself up to contacting staff about a number of issues with Chateau (some are little niggles, some are – I think – bugs).



    hello everyone!

    how can i make several columns on the upper footer widget area?
    my blog is when i add another widget after flickr, it just goes on vertically. i want it to occupy the space to the right.

    thank you!


    The upper footer widget area is just a single full footer-width column. There is no way to add additional columns to that widget area or force additional widgets to align horizontally. It was really designed just to have a single widget and seems more suited to a text widget with a bit of stuff in it rather than specific purpose widgets (recent posts, etc.).

    Use the lower footer widget area which has 4 columns that all accept multiple widgets vertically if you desire.



    thanks for your reply! sorry about posting twice, it was my first time to post and wasn’t sure i was in the right place :D thank you!



    This is an update to this thread. Staff have now provided an “older posts” navigation link on the bottom of the front page of the Chateau theme.


    Oh that is so much better. Thank you!

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