Chateau theme Widget header remove bullet and increase font

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    I am trying to 1) Remove the “club” bullet from the sidebar headers and 2) Increase the font

    I’ve tried a lot of things that aren’t working. I think this should work:

    .sidebar-widget h1 {

    But it isn’t working. It changes the color but not the size.

    Thanks for your time!

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m afraid that “club” is there to stay. It is inserted along with the widget titles by the theme PHP script files and we cannot edit those.

    The font size in that rule is working. Change it to 40px and see what happens. If you are using the preview function, sometimes you have to force refresh the preview page with some browsers.


    Thanks for the help! I actually figured it out. Under “Custom Fonts” my “Headings” font was -2, which I think was overriding the Custom CSS.


    Glad you got it figured out. Not having the custom design upgrade, I can’t really play with the fonts. Well I can, but the preview that is provided never works for me so there isn’t anyway I can check things.

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