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    Can anyone tell me why there is a white space on the bottom of this page? and if so, how I can make it go away so that the bottom credits are at the bottom [see the ‘contact‘ page for what I’m talking about]. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is



    That’s because the content of the page is too short, and the bg image you’ve added is also too short and set to no repeat. You could use a small bg image (say 10×10 pixels, to decrease the loading time of the page), upload that image, and set it to Tile instead of No Repeat. But since the image is all black, you don’t need an image at all: just set the bg color to #000.

    But this will only ensure that the whole bg area is black; it won’t change the positioning of the footer. For the latter you need to ask at the CSS forum.



    I figured it was a content problem. I want the bg img to only be on the top w/ a white space [bg color] between it and the footer but not the white space beneath the footer. I’ll head over to the css forum and hopefully there is a way to fix this w/ that. Thanks anyhow.


    To make the entire body background black but keep the page background white and still have a 291 pixel black strip at the top (like you’ve set right now), you can add this to your Appearance → Custom Design → CSS editor:

    body {
    	background: #000000 !important;
    #page {
    	background: #ffffff url('') repeat-x;

    Side note: to get even more efficient, you could make the background image you’re using one pixel wide and then just repeat it horizontally using the “repeat-x” attribute and it will look just the same as the example above.

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