Chateau will not switch back to Concise format

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    So I set up Chateau and was completely happy with it. I had archive set to concise, and on the front page of my blog it showed a thumbnail for each post (which I set with featured image), and a short description of the post.

    I then decided to experiment with another theme (Skylark), and once I realized I did not want to switch, I activated Chateau again. Most of my settings were remembered, but the front page was no longer displaying in concise mode. It displays entire posts, plus the “older entries” piece at the bottom.

    I went back to appearance –> theme options and concise was still selected as the archive. Selected regular, saved. Re-selected concise, saved. No change. I logged out and logged back in, did this again. Still no change.

    Can someone please help on how I can get the front page to display Concise again? I love the concise front page, but really can’t stand the regular one… I can’t believe I wasted 2-3 hours on this, and now my blog is broken.

    The blog I need help with is

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