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Chateau with featured image post at top: Where?

  1. Where can I find / What is the URL of Chateau blogs that have a featured image post at the top rather than just a regular post?

    I newly switched to Chateau and would like to see what other have done (and how).


    The blog I need help with is

  2. On Chateau, if you set a featured image on a post or page, it replaces regular header image when viewing that single post or static page.

  3. OK. thank you. I went to Panos' WordPressTips and saw that verbal explanation. Is there an actual blog out there somewhere that is showing a featured image in Chateau, though?

    If the post with its featured image is the most recent post in the Chateau theme, does the regular header get replaced by the special picture that I chose to go with the article/post?????


  4. I don't know of any right off hand.

    Search the forums for "chateau" and see what comes up. There have been a number of threads on it and you can perhaps see if any of the posters are using the featured image feature.

  5. The featured post thing does not work on the site main page. Just on single post pages and static pages.

  6. OK. I will just search around to see what a featured image page looks like. In theory, then all posts can have a featured image. peregrine

  7. Hi Peregrine,

    I've stumbled upon your question here and although I'm not sure if I can be of any help at all (I'm new myself here and learning), may I share with you the following:
    I've recently changed to Chateau and what I decided to do was to use a Sticky Post where I inserted an image. This is my "Welcome" message, so it will stay at the top of front page. You can choose the size of that image. I chose small/medium as I don't want to overflow the Welcome message itself.

    I'm not sure if that's what you want: a static image on your front page which is NOT the header image.

    link redacted

    Good luck!

  8. Wow--- when I clicked on the words "Here's my blog" up there, it got me to a site that said that it might be a Phishing Site!! I thus ventured no further and backed away quickly!!!


  9. Featured images do exactly what the support documentation states they do. Despite the fact Chateau is not listed in the support documentation, when you set a featured image that image in this theme replaces the header image on the featured post when viewed on its own page. It does not replace the header image on the front page.

    reference link >

  10. @lornakismet
    Here is a post I wrote recently that has the featured image enabled btw the featured image becomes a header image with the Chateau theme...

    featured image post → if you click on my name you will notice there is a different header image from the post it self

  11. @peregrine

    Apologies for the incorrect url on my first entry yesterday.

    Had you clicked on my second entry's link, probably you wouldn't have backed away so quickly. You can always try again.... if you're interested.

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