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  1. hey Happy New year to Everyone.... I just want to know how to add a Chat room and a slide show to my website. thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. At present there are no chatboxes available I am aware of that can be used on free hosted blogs. There is no FTP access and we cannot install chatboard or forum plugins for security reasons. They are only for installs and can't be used on free hosted blogs.

  3. There no message boards, forums or wikis that you can embed into a free hosted blog.
    You have three free forum options:
    You have these free wiki options

  4. Start by uploading the images into your page or post. There are still changes to be made such as bringing the slideshow button back. In the interim you can still create slideshows using the slideshow shortcode,
    provided that the images have already been uploaded through the post or page.
    Then see here for slideshow order >

  5. hey thanks man.. thanks alot! i really appreciate it!

  6. Hi there!

    If you're looking for a simple, do-it-yourself alternative to WP's proprietary slideshow offering, you could do worse than following the method outlined in this post:

    Please let me know if you found the above useful.

    - SB

  7. OMG! I hope you are not going to drag every thread on slidehsows out of the searchbox and post the same thing into it because we are not allowed to post blog promotions, and because there are many bloggers waiting for their threads to be answered but you are bumping old threads above theirs.

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