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Cheatin’ uh? error

  1. Cheatin’ uh? I cannot upload video from videopress ... I have been uploading video to my blog. I have the $60 VideoPress upgrade. I have deactivated and activated the plugin videopress. I also thought it might have been a storage issue so I upgraded to another 10gb of space.

    But I still get this error: Cheatin’ uh?

    Help! Please advise ... it was working fine up to today when I tried to upload a video ... this is nuts!
    Blog url:

  2. Would you please make sure that you have third-party cookies enabled?

  3. I found some other reports of this that indicated it's a bug, and I was able to reproduce the problem in a test. I've reported the issue so our developers can take a look.

    For updates on this issue, please see

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