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Check Google Webmaster Tools have a sitemap for you

  1. Just an update on something I posted ages ago - finally got a response from WP - I had to submit my own sitemap to Google.

    Not sure if WP doen't do it automatically any more, but I had to submit it manually this morning - Google are 17 pages behind on indexing, whereas usually they were right on top of it.

    So check you Sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools, everyone.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I would team, but I'm trying in vain to register my WP blog and I need to verify my site. It's soooo complicated and I am being asked to paste some code into my sites 'Home Page'. Sheesh!

  3. That's useful to know, thanks. Very annoying.

  4. I wrote back and asked, because there always was a sitemap subitted and it wasn't by me, so that only leaves WordPress.

    Anyway, this is the ansswer I got back (my question in italics):

    Thank you - that seems to have worked - but I thought the sitemaps were submitted automatically by WordPress? When did that change?


    I'm not sure if they were ever submitted automatically by They are generated automatically and will be parsed periodically by Google.
    I only know about manually adding the sitemap to the Webmaster Tools because I recently had to do the same thing for my blog.

    Best regards,

  5. Thanks for that info.
    BTW i didn't know we were allowed to submit our own sitemap, and I wonder if there are differences for those who domain map and standard subdomain users (like me).

  6. thebirdingbunch

    Oh, this is news. I thought WordPress did submit them. I tried looking into How to submit one, but I was going in circles and am still not sure how to create one.

  7. Does what's stated here help?

  8. Only to the extent that it says :

    "No need to do anything extra on your end. The sitemap file included with your blog is available to every search engine that supports the protocol, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing,, and others. automatically sends updates to search engines every time you update or delete a page or post."

    It is a mystery. I used to have a sitemap in Webmaster Tools, because I looked at it a couple of times. Then one day I got a message about no sitemap. I looked - there was indeed no sitemap.

    Very odd.

  9. thebirdingbunch

    Thank you for the link, timethief. I noticed what team copied, but went ahead and submitted a sitemap.

    After I submitted it, I found it interesting that it says over 200 webpages were submitted, but only 50+ were indexed. You wouldn't know the reason why that is, would you? If not, that's ok. I can try the Webmasters forum if I need to know badly enough.

  10. @teamoyeniyi the paragraph is missleading in the way it is written.
    All updates to our blogs are automatically sent searches engines (presuming one doesn't turn searches off) in the form of "pinging". -- not updated sitemaps.

    The lack of sitemaps of blogs sent to search engine is surprising. I am unsure how Engines indexes, It seems that neither Yahoo! or Duckduckgo keep any sitemaps at all any more.

    I sent a new one for my two blogs to Google and Bing. follow Timethiefs
    support link to find our sitemaps.

  11. I'm stil wondering what happened to it. That is the curious part.

    It was there - then it wasn't! LOL

    All very curious!

  12. I should add, I only found out it disappeared when Google sent me a message to say there was no site map! Not exactly something you check everyday!

  13. And so I have fond that my site does not have a site map in Google either. So I've manually generated one, but not sure where to place it in WP. The instructions state into the domain root folder....but I'm not sure where to find this or where to upload...
    Will someone help?

  14. Ah, I verified my site yesterday. It was so simple after all. :D

  15. @sharonshero

    The instructions state into the domain root folder...

    Thos instructions are for self hosted installs. Read about the differences here vs. and know that this forum is only for those who have blogs being free hosted and provided by

  16. Just a passing update. I happened to look at my Webmaster crawl stats last night and there was a big dip followed by a big climb after I submitted the site map.

  17. aha! well, then, back to the drawing board. Thanks for distinguishing this. It tends to all run together.

  18. @sharonshero
    You're welcome.

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