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  1. tomtalksthetruth

    Suup fellow bloggers and peeps!

    The word is that I have started a new blog, my blog is something I hope can interest you all! The best thing is I ain't concentrating on one type of blog, I'm concentrating on everything. Any bit of information I thinks interesting I will post it; I will post reviews, news, public affairs, opinions, interesting facts and even interviews if I can get any. Lets just see what happens yeah? < just a shortlink to my latest blog, it's based on Eminem, my opinions on his career and his new tracks! Leave plenty of comments, especially haters, gotta love the haters!

    Later peeps!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I love eminem!! he's awesome. but i think you should have put this in the showcase forum. check out mine as well.

  3. @tomtalksthetruth, nice blog , don't like eninem

    @breanacarrier, nice blog and colour

  4. thank you! harry the handyman!

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