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check my posts

  1. I got two kick ass wow posts(with screens of course) and even a post about weed! hmmmm yeah im that kinda guy lol. wait til i get my philosophy rollin ja ja

  2. Sorry ... I'm not a gamer so your site does not interest me. :) Also this post feels very much to me like advertising.

    This is the "plug my blog" thread

  3. hehe its not just a gamer blog, just mostly what i got on now lol

    yes i blatantly advertise, but the thing is if you read my blog ill read yours :p


  4. Please don't misunderstand me. I was not "dissing" you at all. I was pointing you to the correct thread to advertise your blog in ... sheesh
    I having a really bad vision day and "enjoying" a migraine and a tremor. :Q,,,
    I'm going to take medication now that makes me stupid but at least it takes the edge off the pain and then I'm going to bed.
    Best wishes ... and happy blogging

  5. sorry, i understand and hope the migraine leaves, i had one yesterday

  6. The meds didn't even touch it so here I am again with a pack of frozen peas on top of my head ... arggghhhhh! Ouch just thinking that hurt.
    P.S. I'm glad we're not at odds. :)

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