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  1. I hate sounding like a whiny female, but can some people flip on over to my blog? I mean I've had it for almost a week, and I'm just hoping to get a bit of promotion.

    I consider myself a bit of a spunky chick who just likes to express her insights and do her own thing, and of course share some pretty good music. I'm still in the process of posting things, and I don't have much up at all, but I'm working on it dudes(:

    If you check my stuff out, I'd like to say thanks. It means a lot, guys.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello Fiestypancakesx,

    You are off to a pretty good start with your blog, keep up the good work. :)

    But I can not really read the text/tagline(?) above the title of your blog and I have a very hard time reading your posts because your background image is conflicting/blending/whatever with the text/everything else on your blog because of the transparency/whatever of the blog theme. :(

    Also I recommend maybe creating a few Pages ( like an About Page, an Archives Page (, and a Contact Page ( ;)

    Good luck,
    -John Jr

  3. Thank you very much John! I know, I've been flickering around a bit with my pages appearance, and I'm still trying to get the hang of how that works. I'll try to change it around more, and make it easier to read/navigate :)
    I will also try to work on those pages, even though I could've sworn I've had them edited out!


  4. I'm not going to a do a blog evaluation free of charge but I'll give you some obvious feedback here.

    1. The site title is RED and red is a tricky color to use given the emotions it gives rise to.

    2. The tagline is aqua in color and clashes with the RED site title.

    3. The background image appears behind the text and makes it difficult to read what the text states. Get rid of it!

  5. I agree also with johnjronline about the Pages as well as the background image. I think these will be helpful.

    re: the site title and the optional tagline
    The site title tag is the most important tag in your site. An effective site title tag, blog title and tagline are branding messages that define who the blog is for and what’s in it for them. That’s why the site title tag is among the most important ranking factors in the search engines ranking algorithms.

  6. You are welcome Molly, and if you need help just let me know (here or at my blog through my Contact Page); and good luck. :)

    Wow! Thank you Timethief for sharing that advice and those links, I am going to read all of those links to your blog as well, because I am sure that I can learn some things from someone like you who has much more blogging experience than me that will help me and my blog as well. ;)

    -John Jr

  7. @johnjronline
    There are 957 published posts in my blog and you are welcome to read them. I pay for a No-Ads upgrade to keep the blog focused on the content an nothing else.

  8. @Timethief
    Yes, you are a Veteran as I like to say, and I have read/commented/liked on some of your posts over the years back when my username was goodjohnjr; and even under my new username I have read some of your posts, which are helpful/informative/et cetera, keep up the good work and thank you Timethief. :)

    -John Jr

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