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Check out my blog: Chapters for my novel posted

  1. Hi Everyone,

    So i take it this is where on wordpress where we give a shout-out to our blogs. There are so many of us here with various different interests, its overwhelming, its like a world of its own! Makes me think how we are just one among so many. Among these many choices, what will connect us is similar interests and I understand we will all be different in that regard. So this is fishing for those whose interests I can keep :).

    I am an aspiring writer and although I blog about my "daily life", I am also using online communities such as this one to introduce my stories. I have added 7 chapters to my blog for my first novel, which at the moment is being edited.

    Blogging about my daily experiences is a personal release for me, but storytelling i take seriously. And it is for the latter I am seeking feedback. If any of you wonderful people are interested in fiction reading, check out my blog and click on the tab labeled "Novel". There you can find chapters 1-7.


    A retrospective story, told in the first narrative from the main character’s ( Ebyan) viewpoint. The story begins with her anticipating her thirtieth birthday and reflecting about the life she has led. After a complicated, confusing, tumultuous period from her past, in recent years she had enjoyed peace, stability and calmness in her life as a wife to a loving husband, mother to a young daughter, and as a successful therapist. Soon her stable life is uprooted by the unexpected reappearance of her first love, who is in town promoting her new film. Ebyan is confronted with a painful past; she had long buried in the deep chambers of her subconscious but never has fully gotten over or honestly addressed. The return of Noreen ignites special and heartbreaking memories within Ebyan, and as she finally comes to terms with her past, she must decide if she is ready to face the one person she had never been able to let go.

    Themes: A moral conflict, Religion, Islam, Identity, Sexuality, Inner Turmoil, Acceptance

    The blog I need help with is

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