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  1. HEy everyone, I just finished added some things to my blog, And i would like some feed back about it, Please take a look at it by clicking my name. Thankyou!

  2. It looks okay, although you've got an image that's too wide for your column. As well, I find the center column too narrow. Centered text looks a bit poetic for the content; are you sure you don't want it to be left-aligned?

    How in god's name did you get a poll on your sidebar? I thought they were verboten?

  3. Ok i think i fixed it

  4. @rain
    If you use the forum search box you will find there are some poll hosts that one can contract with. patriotsfan has done this for some time now and so has vivian.

  5. An honest opinion:

    Your page is far too cluttered.

    1) Do you really need a calendar in there?
    2) IMO its pointless to have links to pages such as yahoomail, google and so on.

    If you feel your blog page is too cluttered and messy and you want to remove stuff these would be the first I believe that should go!

  6. apart from other suggestion, I would suggest you to change the colour of theme. Don't use hot colour, it will damage readers eyesight...insted of that use original blue which is reader's friendly

  7. Ignore the last post; the last thing we need is more boring default blue blogs. If anyone's eyes are hurting from the hot pink and neon green, that's what RSS feeds are for ;)

  8. thx for the feed back..

  9. Don't forget that many men have trouble recognizing the colours red, brown and green. The word "colourblind is misleading", but around 8% of boys and 0.5% of girls have trouble recognizing certain colours. It's hereditary and there isn't a cure.

    Site (and blog designers) need to bear in mind that some people have difficulty percieving certain colours when they design. Can you imagine the difficulty trying to read red text on a brown background??

  10. That was confusing lol

  11. I put some color scheme tools in another post that you may find of interest.

  12. What's confusing about people (mostly men) not being able to see certain clours? ( red brown and green?) All it means is that you should either avoid using them or limit where and how much you do use them.

  13. I remember somehting about men not being able to see the lower end of the light spectrum comparied to women. It's been too long since learning about light in my high school physics class though.

  14. That's strange quote from drmike..where did you find this statistics?

  15. high school physics class


    (We studied light in it. Plus my two dissertations concerned them in a limited way.)

    edit: Link from a quick google search. probably could find something more if I tried. I am sitting in a university library after all. :)

  16. @shashiingal
    The statistics are actually in the colour selection posting I made see:

    If you click the drop down menu under "normal vision" at the far right hand side at bottom you will see a statistical breakdown for all the visual impairments by % of population.

    If you don't know what the words for the various visual impairments mean and what their limitations are you can copy and paste the terms into your browser along with "definition" and get that information for each one.

    IMO colours, their effects on the human psyche as well as visual impairments are something that all bloggers should become aware of. The post I made last night that you can find using the forum search box has several colour selection "tools" in it.

    And as I also never pass up an opportunity to pimp my own blogs so as well as that I have some information on colours on my blog on a page entitled "Colours" in case you're interested. :D

  17. I saw your blog and it looks really cool. I was wondering though (this probably sounds dumb) but how did you get multiple pages?

  18. @tegan
    Do you mean my blog here ? [she said coyly while swelling with praise due to the compliment]
    -> dashboard - > write ( look down one line and see that you have a choice of either "write post" or "write page"
    Hope this helps and thanks for the compliment. :D

  19. Not a big fan of green or white but other than that I see nothing wrong with your blog.It is the typical blog. Maybe that is not a good thing either.

  20. *lol* drmike will you please fix the broken link above is not a green and white blog. This means axewielder simply clicked on my name and got my environmental blog rather than on the link to my personal blog which is above "the pocket".
    P.S. axewielder
    I have several blogs

  21. Yes, I clicked on the name of the person who made the 1st post as it said to do.I can follow directions quite well.I offered an opinion as asked and instead get told I did it wrong..Oh well! Won't be fooled again!


  22. There is an UNOFFICIAL chat forum provided by drmike at

  23. I think TT you have got wrong impression that AXE was saying about your blog, Insted he was telling about colykline, who actually need help to improve his/her blog's look....
    And what is the relevance of your last post with this thread?

  24. @shashiingal
    (1) You are right I completely misunderstood and I apologize to axeweiderx and everyone else for my confusion. I was tired and I got lost.
    (2) This was just a notification that there was an unofficial place to chat and if you will it was an invitation of sorts too.
    (3) I have a visual impairment myself and I did blog about visual impairments and selecting blog and website colours
    Thanks for hanging in there and clarifying so I understood and so I had the opportunity to apologize. I appreciate it.
    @axeweilder - I'm sorry.

  25. Maybe we could get a sticky with the chat forum? I'm sure a lot of people would be interested in that. And, having been around a few forums in my time, sometimes it's easier to solve a problem when you say "meet me in chat and we'll walk through this".

  26. I like your blog! :) I had a great fun looking at your blog! and I like your colour in the blog too! I want to know how did you make Poll! :D

  27. @muffinsnail
    Here's the thread that drmike our Moderator refers bloggers who want information on polls to

  28. Thanks a lot Time thief! :)

  29. You're welcome :)

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