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Check out my new blog and I'll check out yours!


    Visit my blog and follow! I post fun stuff everyday! :)


  2. What exactly is a blog? Is it an acronym for something?

    Sorry for the bad English. I am exchange student.

  3. I'm tooootally new! :-D

  4. Please check out my blog!!! comments/likes greatly appreciated! Anyone who follows, I'll gladly follow back!! Thanks!!! :)

  5. I post about my silly life

  6. Wednesday, June 27 will mark the 17th anniversary of the mysterious disappearance of KIMT anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City Iowa. On the blog today... part 1 of looking into the strange case.

    Read and tell us what you think about this small town television icon who has been missing for almost two decades at

    You may even help solve the mystery... never leave any stone unturned.

  7. Hey everybody :)

    I´ve started a new Blog about elektronic music, the artists and labels behind and about parties in berlin.
    At the moment my blog is written in german, so i hope its ok, that i post it here?

    Have a nice day...

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