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  1. I am a writer and aspiring author and have started my own Site on wordpress as a useful marketing tool. I have written several stories over the years, and have posted a few. Currently I have 13 stories uploaded onto my wordpress account and am working on more.

    I also have accounts with Facebook where I have a page solely dedicated to my stories, and where a few of my stories are entered into their annual contest - one of my stories has even been chosen as a finalist. I did have my stories posted on but recently removed them due to copyright issues with another user.

    My fans are loyal and I adore each and every one of them. But I am looking to expand and thus added this Site as a way to do so. I am currently seeking readers and writers alike and asking them to please take a look at my Site and read some of my work. And then let me know your honest opinion. If you LOVE what you read, then comment, vote, yell from the rooftops!

    Your opinion is always appreciated!!! =D

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there.

    I'm here specifically to read fiction on people's blogs... or... Blooks--lol. let's all use the word "Blooks" now :-)

    Anyway, that's my thing. I started perusing your site, and it's bookmarked now so I'll definitely be taking a closer look when I get a minute.

    And I commented on your "Disturbed" post.

  3. I have writing I have to do myself right now, but I have subscribed to your blog and look forward to getting a chance to read your stories! They all look very interesting!

    I have a writing blog ( myself, though I don't have any stories up yet, it's still only a couple of months old. I do have links on my 'For Writers' page to two short stories I have posted elsewhere, if you ever want to read.

    Happy writing!

  4. @teaandyarn - Thanks for subscribing!! I do hope you find the time to read some stories soon. I subscribed to yours as well and am looking forward to your story uploads!!

    @aeliusblythe - I like that word blooks! LOL. Thank you for bookmarking my site and I do hope you return soon and read some of my work. I am rather passionate about my writing and love sharing it with people such as yourself. All feedback is welcome.


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