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  1. Please give me your opinion on my blog

    thank you

    The blog I need help with is

  2. dribblingpensioner

    I'm afraid not very much, because there's nothing to give an opinion on, and its to black.

  3. Your blog is a bit empty at the moment. Not just of content - and that's okay as it's a new blog - but of ideas. I get that you want to use it for your artwork, that's fine. I get that you want to eventually sell your artwork, that's fine too, but you need to make contact with other people with your same ambitions. At this stage, check out other bloggers, (look through the off-topic part of the forum, and also at the topics part of your homepage).

    Put some more stuff on your blog. Make it inviting for readers to comment. :)

  4. Sixteen is a good age to try out different skills and interests and see if you might connect them to future professional work. I had no clue what dynamic texture packs were, or what kind of money designers of them make, but I can still wish you good luck for free. Are your designs good enough? Beats me. When I looked up "dynamic canvas texture minecraft", the majority of sites and companies seem to be selling environments or landscapes, rather than characters. You might want to work more in that direction.

    Good luck, Tom!

  5. Just update it a bit more im sure you'll be fine, I'm your age too, check out mine
    Let me know what you think

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