Checked the Cutline threads and can’t seem to find the answer…

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    I have a post where I entered a table and now the table is too wide for the theme.
    How do I fix this?
    Also, my title is no longer appearing in my custom font style. I have checked Typekit and it has h1 listed. Is the Coraline header no longer classed as h1?

    The blog I need help with is


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    I moved this thread to the CSS forum and will mark it so when staff come by we can hope they will notice your predicament.



    Thanks! I don’t actually use CSS though so wasn’t sure where to put this?



    Hi amweekes,

    About the table, I’m not sure what you can do here. You might try making the font smaller to see if you can get it to fit. You could also add an image of the table and put that in instead of the table.

    As for the Coraline header it appears that it is no longer in an <h1> tag. Here’s the HTML code from your site:

    <div id=”masthead” role=”banner”>
    <div id=”site-title”>
    Me vs. The Bulge
    <div id=”site-description”></div>

    You best bet would be to use ‘div#site-title’ or maybe ‘div#site-title span a’ as the selector instead of <h1>



    Thanks so much for that!

    How do I make the text smaller though? :-|



    Hmmm I don’t think that has fixed my title text…


    @tfardella: “I’m not sure what you can do”, “You best bet would be”, “or maybe”… Then why are you replying?

    @amweekes: For the blog title, try this:


    Your table is too wide because the wiseguy who designed the theme has imposed a 24px padding left and right for each table entry. You’ll have to change all these:
    <td style="padding: 9px 0;"
    Except the td tags for the leftmost column, which must be:
    <td style="padding: 9px 10px;"
    If you’d rather have narrower lines, you can change 9 to a lower number.

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