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Checking for Private Messages

  1. After getting bitten by the "Published Post Mysteriously Gets Re-Published as a Private Post" bug here -- I'd like to do a thorough search on all my blog posts to see if any other of my posts have been made "Private" by the system without my knowledge.

    Would doing an Admin Manage search on the word "Private" show me those messages wrongly privatized or is there another way to more easily see if I've been bitten elsewhere?

  2. Actually Private Post should show up with a 'Private:' bit in the title of the Post when you look at Dashboard -> Manage -> Posts.

    I'd just pull them up month by month myself. If you use teh month frop down, it will show the entire month.

    Hope this helps,

  3. Thanks, drmike! I looked at every month -- that took awhile -- so far so good.

  4. Yeah, it's a long list if you write a lot. Quicker than doing it by every 15 posts though. :)

  5. I wish there were a less-interactive, more automatic, way of checking, though. With this bug active it seems like a requirement that you self-check your posts often to make sure you don't get bitten by the Private Post phenomenon.

  6. I was going to suggest that you could search for the 'Private:' bit that gets added to the title but I'm not sure if you would get hits on that. The system adds it into the title and IIRC, it's not part of the post title within the database.

  7. Ah! Now that I didn't know, drmike, so I'm going through it again, and I see my "How to Do Online Tech Support" article was also mysteriously made private!

    What a rip!

    This is angering me.

    Going back now... page by page...

  8. Paging through 1,000 posts is time consuming.

    I don't know why this isn't considered a "Super Bug" in need of immediate squashing. Hasn't this issue been around awhile here?

    This problem will bump Google as the topic of my post for the day.

    I suggest everyone do the dirty deed and page through all their published articles in Admin|Manage to make certain none of their Published work was taken Private by the system.

  9. Did it show up within your Manage page as such?

    You've mentioned that you have folks working with you. One of them wouldn't be playing a trick on you, would they?

  10. It showed up only when I paged through every page of published articles. Yeesh!

    No Author has ever had anything above "Contributor" status. No trickery possible! SMILE!

    Mark confirmed in this thread it's a known bug:

  11. Just for reference, the issue has been reported in the trac system now.

    edit: Please report your browser and browser version.

  12. Thanks for this info and thanks for the blog comment, drmike!

    As I said in my reply to you on my blog, the SuperBug also happens on the latest Firefox for Mac and I think it might also be affecting edited comments, too...

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