Checking for subscription problems

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    I have a widget for email notifications of new posts, and was getting a regular number of new subscribers, more or less proportional to the new viewers popping up on my site.

    However, it’s been 2 full weeks without a single new subscriber, – is there a way to know if there’s a problem? (Apart from asking someone to subscribe and waiting for their feedback? :-)

    I am of course ready to accept the harsh reality that no one loves me anymore… but still – would be nice to check that all is functional with the widget

    thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    i just did and it said for me to manage it , you can see if it worked , OR ELSE , its just that no one loves you any more :(


    i just got an e-mail from your blog



    Well, I guess that settles it…. :-(

    I will now stare at myself on the mirror and repeat a few times; You are a loser, baby! Get over it!


    Thanks for checking this for me (and please, go ahead and unsubscribe, I promise not to take it personally… :-)

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