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Chicken and Egg: No zone, no DNS. No DNS, no zone.

  1. Hi!

    I'd like to connect to the Domain: Wir-sprechen-Online.DE (which I own).

    I'm now facing a chicken-and-egg-problem:
    - My ISP can't add the WordPress-nameservers to the Domain as it's not zoned there.
    - doesn't add zones as long as there's no DNS-entry.

    There's been a similar problem already:

    Hope, someone can solve it. Meaning: zoning at ns* Thanks for your help!


  2. I assume you have read this in the FAQs

  3. I did, Jennifer. The speciality of DeNIC: they check, if the nameserver you'd like to associate with your domain is prepared for it (zoned).

  4. I just added the zone - check in a few minutes?

  5. Thank you, Mark. I'll tell my ISP to try changing the nameservers again.

  6. Mark rocks-he does!

  7. Hi Mark! Hi Nick! Hi Anthony!

    Well, I've (we have) finally given up: The DeNIC simply doesn't accept your nameservers zones for We still don't know why. The funny thing about it: says that everything is fine!?

    Anyway: Thanks a lot for your help! - I've finally decided to ignore .de and place the micro-blog at which already works pretty fine.


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