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    Hello! I need help with my categories please. I am using the Dyad 2 theme. I have made three “child categories” under an original “parent category” and only the first one seems to be “clickable” …does anyone know how to fix this or if I have over looked something? Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi Modeslyme96,

    Can you help me better understand what you are seeing? Are you trying to display posts from the child category? Where are the lists of links located? Are the links listed but not clickable? A screenshot or a screen recording would be a great help.

    If you’re using categories widget, you can find additional information on how to modify it here,






    Did you create the unclickable subcategory menu items in the custom menu as custom links? If so, then I’d suggest that you delete those and create new ones as follows:

    For the item “Happiness: from scratch!”:
    1. Add menu item from Categories type — You already have a category titled “Happiness: from scratch!,” that is a subcategory of “Sunday Funday” category and assigned to six different posts. Add a link to the Happiness: from scratch! subcategory page to the menu as described in the Add menu items section of the Custom Menus support page, selecting from the Categories type.

    2. Move that item under the parent item, “Sunday Funday” — Any item may be made a sub-menu item by moving it below and to the right of another item in the corresponding menu editor. How to do so is described and illustrated in the Organize your menu and add sub-menus / drop-down menus section of the Custom Menus support page.

    For the item “It’s a Haul-A-Day!”:
    I don’t find this category assigned to any posts. That would be the first thing to do. Once the category is assigned to at least one post, then it will be available to add to the custom menu as described in step 1 above. Make it a sub-menu item of “Sunday Funday” as described in step 2 above.



    Thank you SO much yet again! It is working – woot! I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question; have a blessed day!



    Excellent! Looks good. Glad to help. : -)

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