“Child” page links not appearing under Parent page

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    I have a parent page on my blog and four “child” pages under it. But when you click on the parent page from the homepage, I don’t see any links to the “child pages” I created. What have I done wrong?



    Have you tried placing your Pages widget in your sidebar? In some themes that is how sub-page links are displayed.


    No, how do I do that? Thanks for helping.



    Thanks for saying thanks. :)
    Go to => Dashboard => Presentation => Sidebar Widgets
    (scroll down to the “available Widgets” box and locate the Pages widget)
    You simply drag the Pages widget from the Available widget box and drop it into the Sidebar box, click the X on the upper right corner to close the widget, then click “Save Changes”.


    Cool, that worked. Thanks again. :)



    I´d like to have the child pages listed when you click the parent page in the header. I prefer this than have them in the sidebar. Does anybody know how to make it? Thanks.



    Just make links to the child pages on the parent page, then remove the pages widget in your sidebar.

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