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    I have a series of sub-pages that are accessed via blogroll (participants) links on the homepage.

    When I try to view them, the parent page is displayed. This happens both from the site and when I ‘view’ the page in ‘manage pages’. It seems as if the ID is being ignored.

    Is it to do with page slug?

    They were working fine until recently, not sure what has happened.

    Has anyone had the same problem?



    Good question. Do you have both the sub-page and hte parent page clicked for the category? Did you recently change themes?



    Hi, thanks for looking at this.

    I have the sub-page clicked for the ‘participants’ category in the blogroll.

    But I’m not sure how I could click the parent page? (as there is no link to it in blogroll, since it is a main page)

    also, I have not changed themes.




    Hmmm, I’m having the exact same issue with a site I’m trying to build for a client. :(

    I am just starting on his structure and I create a page and tried to add a child… then when clicking the child page, the parent is displayed. Arg. And like you, for me, the child appears in the “edit page” correctly. I thought this had something to do with mod-rewrite in apache but after hours of investigating, I have found nothing.

    If I find a solution, I’ll write back.

    :) Chris

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