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    I need help connecting the child to the parent page in order to be seen on the live site. It appears to be connected correctly internally. That is, the child page is shown linked to the proper parent page. But there’s no way to navigate to the child page from the site.

    I believe I understand someone saying the “page” widget was necessary for making that parent-child connection, but I’m not sure.

    I’m not confident to experiment with it, because someone else said the placement of a widget messed up all the rest of the sidebar tools.



    -> Presenatation -> Widgets
    drag the Pages widget out of the “available Widgets” box and drop it into the “Sidebar” box in the position you want it in. Then click on the icon on the Pages widget and it will open. There you can choose to check off “show hierarchy”. Then click the X on the top right hand corner of the Pages widget to close it. Lastly, click “Save Changes”.



    Any claims that widget placement “messed up” anything must be viewed realistically. They are movable and can be re-arranged with ease. There is nothing to fear when it comes to computers or blogs. You can “fix” any error that you make.


    Thanks for your specific directions and encouragement. I’ll give it a try!


    Making progress, but not all the way there. I was able to insert the pages widget successfully, and you were right that nothing was messed up. However, clicking on the Pages widget icon only gave me a window for naming with a title. There was no option for “show hierarchy.” I took it out and tried it again a few times. I keep getting the message for a title. I tried to fill that in, but it still didn’t give me the “show hierarchy” choice.

    Any suggestions?



    there isn’t a ‘show hierarchy’. try ‘sort by page order’ option and see how that works.


    When I click on the icon for the Page widget, I only get “Title:__________”. In the upper right hand corner of that box is an “X” that closes the box. There is no option for “show hierarchy” or for “sort by page order.” There is nothing else in the box, and the icon only brings up that one box.

    Thanks for trying with me here. It’s encouraging that someone’s out there!



    WOAH! Which theme are you using? I’m not sure that it matters but I’m off to check my test blog.


    Oh, sulz, maybe I didn’t read your response correctly. I checked on the edit portion of the “child” page I’m working on, and found the button for “page order.” I don’t see an option there for “sort by page order.” It’s only the numeric option — 0,1,2,etc. That appears to sort only the parent pages in order. So, if there’s another place for me to find the “sort by page order,” could you please guide me to it? Thanks.



    This is what my pages widget looks like inside

    Sort by:_________________________
    Page IDs, separated by commas.



    Under “sort by” I have the choice of –
    Page Title
    Page Order
    Page ID


    Timethief, the theme I’m using is Talian 1.0. It was one of the “top ten choices,” I believe.

    And while we’re at it, I have another odd problem. Maybe it’s related. I can’t find any option for choosing between “visual” and “code” when I’m in the word processing portion. I thought I’d ask that question later. But maybe there are some connected problems?



    I’ll have to leave this to sulz or someone else because I have to run out the door and catch a ferry. Best wishes. :)


    Well, Timethief, your pages widget is totally different then. And yours makes a lot more sense. How do I find that one?

    Also, I see I didn’t finish my point that my word processing is stuck in the “code” option, so I can’t manage those editing buttons.



    Jeepers creepers! If you are using “Talian 1.0” then you are in the wrong forum. This forum is only for free hosted bloggers and we do not have that theme here. We run on entirely different software from and you seem to have a blog. That means you should be posting to this forum



    The differences between and
    sticky post at the head of the forum

    7 things to know before posting to the forum – sticky post at the head of the forum

    Best wishes Shirley. They will be helping you at the forum from now on. Happy blogging. :)


    I don’t have a ferry to catch, but I should check out now too. Thanks for the help so far. I’ll check in again in the morning.

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