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    i work in a school and we currently are looking at hosting WordPress blogging for our students however there seem to be very little information on children’s use of WordPress and how they are protected. it might be that i haven’t looked in the right place. is there a how to guide? how would this work? we would like the children’s blogs to be available to all but there are certain e-saftey concerns with this also. which would be the recommended and more importantly safe option to get them blogging.

    The blog I need help with is



    Well, users are supposed to be 13, according to the Terms of Service. There are a ton of younger kids on here, but they’re not supposed to be. There are no particular childsafe features here, other than the general anti-hacking protections which are pretty strong at What sort of protections were you looking for? It might be that Edublogs is a better fit for you.

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