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Childrens Story

  1. My blog mainly consists of poetry that I write, and if you haven't checked it out you definatly should. Regardless, I wrote out the beginnings of a children's book a little while ago. I am going to upload it to my blog, so please check it out and tell me what you think! Its a story about a Pig named Rosita Lee. It's completely different from all the poetry I write, which will be very evident if you have read any of it.
    I hope you enjoy!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry: that is actually not going to happen yet, false advertising. But check out my poetry anyway! And excerpts from the childrens story will soon be uploaded.

  3. Your poetry is like that of the great masters and story tellers that I love! William Blake, Thomas Hardy, Howard Pyle. I look forward to your childrens story. I believe poetry is like a painting: There are no right or wrong ways to view it as long as it stirs strong emotion in the viewer.

    Everyone... this is some intense stuff.

  4. LOL! Atleast you admit to false advertising!

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