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    My wife and I have our own url and plan to use WordPress. We want to write our blog in both English and Chinese. She does the Chinese–I do the English. The blog’s theme centers on her impressions of America after living here for 15 years. She was a former Chinese media personality in the USA and Taiwan.

    We are not advanced technically. We’ve looked at the “Language Switcher” by Poplar Productivity Ware as the solution for English and Chinese. We want to have three translations–English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. We plan to monetize the blogs.

    Installing this plug-in is beyond our technical ability and our ISP is small and they said it would be difficult. We have one other person who volunteered–a Chinese friend_–but he had difficulty. Poplar had no time to do installations, but I may try again later.

    Is there a better plugin for what we want to do? Are there reliable techs available who can install this plug-in?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Mike Plumstead



    I’m sorry to tell you that you have posted into the wrong forum. You want to be posting over here runs on different software and we do not have plugins so we cannot help you.

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