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Choco "Blog Subscriptions" widget

  1. Still checking out Choco on my test blog and have found another problem or bug. When I add the "Blog Subscriptions" widget to the sidebar, its tab has white lettering instead of brown as on the other tabs. I find this very distracting. I hope it's a bug or a coding oversight, and not intentional.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. P.S. My test blog is at

  3. All mine are the same, even the "Blog Subscriptions" widget problems.
    I do see what you mean on yours though. Maybe try switching the theme color options back and forth...

  4. I tried the default and dark gray color options, and everything looked okay. But both of them have light lettering on the widget tabs. When I switched back to the red option, the "Blog Subscriptions" tab keeps the light lettering, while all the others go dark. I guess I should amend my original post and say the problem only occurs with the red color option. I use Firefox, but IE shows the same problem.

  5. Well, I just switched mine to the red theme to check and the same thing ...only the "Blog Subscriptions" tab. So it's not you or your browser, must be a bug. I would put a post on the choco theme page and also send an email to support. Hopefully an easy fix/upgrade from the designer.

  6. @happypopeye Thanks for checking that. Support says they're out today and to leave notes here on the forums. So I guess they'll track it down when they get back.

  7. Don't worry, we pay attention to the forums. This is on our list to fix, thanks for the bug report.

  8. Thanks, Lance! :)

  9. This is fixed now.

  10. ...that's service. Nice work Lance...

  11. I think I reported three different Choco problems and all were fixed within 24 hours. Outstanding!.Kudos to all the great folks at WP.

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