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Choco dateline

  1. I'm seriously considering using the Choco theme, but the datelines do not include the year. This is critical in a multi-year blog. Readers need to know if the post they are reading is, say, Feb 27, 2011 or Feb 27, 2009. The date tabs look great as they are, but a full dateline needs to be included somewhere. I have the CSS upgrade, if it can be done that way.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. Choco being a new theme, I tagged this thread for you so that staff can have a look.

  3. Thanks :)

  4. @windwhistle
    When you click the URLs for posts and not pages, do they contain a "year" in the datestamp enbedded in the URL?

  5. Yes, the URL contains the date. But how many readers would think to look there?

  6. @windwhistle
    In this case of Choco I think it's just a bit of code that got left out and Staff will fix it.

    Warning: this is an off-topic but somewhat related aside
    The reason I asked is because of a trend that I see going on. I see some wordpress.ORG bloggers are deliberately changing their permalink structure and installing plugins that eliminate dates on their posts and on all comments.

    I am a subscriber to some of the blogs I referred to and the disappearance of dates was peeing me off, so I asked one leading personal development blogger who uses a $31. per month SEO plugin and why he did this and was told since the introduction of Google Caffeine the SERPS are showing preference for displaying "fresh" content and his posts were losing positioning in the SERPS (search engine page results). The same blogger told me he thinks his content is "timeless" and that he wants to see it back on the first page of the SERPs. This person is attempting to game the Google algorithm. I was already annoyed by the in your face Aweber subscribe to my newsletterr pop-up he uses, so I unsubscribed form the blog and distanced myself and my blog from him and his blog.

  7. I hope staff fixes it, although design-wise, I'm not sure where I'd put it or how I'd do it. Personally, I prefer the date to be up front so I don't waste my time looking for it and wondering if what I'm reading is current.

    I'm sure we'd all love to finish first in Google's search results, but I would never drop the dateline on my posts. I write a lot about current events, politics, technology, etc., and dates are indispensable.

  8. I also prefer the date to be up front too ewhter or not the blogger considers their content to be "timeless". Everyhting is subject to change and the only cconstant in the universe is change. I find the machinations some folks go through attempting to game search engines to be pathetic.

  9. Hi windwhistle,
    We've added the full date to each post in the "post meta" area along with the author, tags, and categories. The design of the theme doesn't allow adding in the year to the side tabs, but your readers can either see it from the URL or from the info underneath the post.

  10. Thanks, Lance. Design-wise, that's exactly where I'd have put it.

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