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    i am using PressRow by Chris Pearson. I would like to know how do i display a certain category of links on my blogroll on my homepage.

    for example, i have category a, b, c and d of links in my blogroll. however, since there are so many links, i would like to display only a and b category of links in the blogroll on my mainpage, while e rest can be in the “LINKS” page, where i display all of em.

    how do i do that?



    Blogroll links are displayed in your sidebar when you drag and drop the Links widget into place. They are displayed in alphabetical order according to the category you assigned to the links when you entered them. Some themes show the sidebar on all pages and some don’t. This depends on what the designer chose to do with them.

    This is how to make links “invisible”.
    If you edit any of the links on your Blogroll => Manage => Blogroll and open them up will find blue buttons on the right hand side of the page beyond the ditor box.
    Find “Visible” and click the plus + sign. It will open and you can choose “yes” or “no” then click “Update Options”. This should do the trick. And yes you do have to edit and change each one that you want to become “invisible” and leave only “b” entries as visible.
    Happy Blogging. :)

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