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    Hello everyone at the forums!
    My blog, IncognitoTeenager, is having some theme problems.

    At first, I wanted to come across clean, and full-on content, rather than pushing to subscribe so I could show off my feedcount.

    But, after September 7th’s post, I don’t know, I feel as if my “subscribe” buttons are too small and too far away to see, so people are pushed away to subscribe. But, I also want people not to feel that subscribing is thrown at them.

    I also want to have a very incognito-based theme. My current theme, vostok, is very dark and nice for personal blogging without the basis of a picture (which is what most people do, but I’m different, I suppose).

    So, if anyone could suggest me a theme, that’d be great. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is

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