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    Hello everyone, I have had a burning question for a while to which I’ve never really found an answer to, so I figured that I would post about it here and see if anyone could come up with an answer.

    My blog is roughly about the Harlem Line, a portion of Metro North railroad, although in historical terms it is one of the first railroads in the United States. I’ve been on a real historical kick recently and have been uploading images of old timetables and such, from the 1800’s to present. I’ve created these as pages. I have a plugin (page tagger) that allows me to tag these pages.

    To sum it all up, what I really want to be able to do is create a method where people can search through the specific historical portion of the site, outside of the rest of the tags that comprise the majority portion of the blog. Is there any way to accomplish this? I thought of some ways that it might be done, none of which I know how to implement

    – A tag cloud in which I have the ability to choose the specific tags that show in the cloud. I like this idea best, since I enjoy the ability of a tag cloud to visually represent the number of times a specific tag has been used. But in order to make sure that all of my regular blog tags are not the ones being used in the tag cloud, I would want to choose the tags that show up. Are there any tag cloud plugins that allow you to manually choose the tags, as opposed to automatically pulling the most popular?

    – Another tag cloud idea, are there any tag cloud plugins that pull tags only from a specific category? I figured I could get a plugin that would allow me to categorize pages, say into a specific historical category, and then the tag cloud would pull only from there.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this that might be helpful, or any possible ways of accomplishing this? I really have little skill in PHP, but I would not be against going into the code of wordpress, creating templates, whatever in order to accomplish this, especially if there are no existing plugins that would let me do what I want to do.

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