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Choose your own Thumbnail

  1. How can I choose what portion of an image is shown in a thumbnail? By default it's showing the upper left corner. Is there any way I can customize that without needing to upgrade? (Theme is AutoFocus, if that makes a difference.)
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  2. I have read the theme description and see no way described there to do what you suggest above ie"choose what portion of an image is shown in a thumbnail". The first image is always featured automatically and the upper left corner is what's being selected as you noted.

    I also searched and located a closed thread with no answer in it here regarding cutomizing thumbnails >

    I don't believe that CSS editing can be used to achieve what you want but I don't help with CSS editing so another Volunteer or Staff will have to answer your question.

  3. Thank you for your reply, timethief. Maybe I'll look into using another Theme. :)

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